Welcome to Media Buyer Dallas. We cover all of your media research, planning and buying needs.


TV is still the dominant player in advertising, with consumers watching more than 4 hours per day — but screens are morphing into tablets and smartphones, and content distribution has never been more complex. We plan television campaigns for maximum impact and cost savings while also addressing modern multi-screen behavior. 


Sound is still huge. With people listening to news and music everywhere from cars to gas stations to streaming audio, “radio” remains a rich format – when planned and measured carefully for optimal results. We add creativity and innovation to your schedules, nail value-add and program integration, and offer sophisticated direct-response tracking for ongoing campaign improvements.


Digital media and the ways to reach consumers electronically is continually evolving. Long gone are the days of having a digital campaign meant banner advertising and spending a portion of your budget on SEO or SEM. With digital media, everything has to be done smarter, and can be, due to the ability to instantaneously track and adjust your digital presence and spend.