Advertising in today’s media world can be tricky. The growing media industry is allowing consumers to access their favorite video content anywhere, at any time with virtually endless choices in terms of platforms. It also creates some challenges for media buyers who want to utilize digital, streaming, and traditional media buying. Nielsen hopes to alleviate some of the challenges by standardizing their metrics to provide cross-platform data.

Nielsen has announced plans to launch Nielsen ONE, beginning in the 4th quarter of 2022. Nielsen ONE is their cloud-based solution to providing more comparable and comprehensive metric data on a single, cross-media platform. This isn’t just another digital measurement product, it’s an across-the-board core update to Nielsen’s metric system.

With this new cross-media solution, advertisers and their media buyers will be able to more easily navigate this rapidly evolving landscape and closely monitor shifts in consumer behavior. It’s been a high priority for Nielsen to create a unified framework and single measurement solution to be able to compare investments across the board, maximize reach across platforms, and better allocate dollars for maximum return on investment. This will give advertisers more confidence and transparency they need to ensure a well-integrated advertising campaign.

With “ONE-ness” in mind, Nielsen ONE will have one panel, one platform, and one product. This will give media buyers a clear overview of where their ad dollars are being spent and how well the ads are doing based on the platform. They’ll also be able to dive deeper into the audience of each platform by comparing the data.

Both advertisers and publishers will be able to do business together more efficiently with a clearer, standardized, unified metric that is utilized across the board. With the new standard number, marketers will have visibility into total video consumption regardless of platform or device. Advertisers and media buyers will strongly benefit from a better understanding of audiences and frequency, with compatible metrics for ads and content across platforms, services, and devices.

Here at Media Buyer Dallas, we know that the industry is constantly changing. We’re excited about this update to a more standardized form of metrics and the future of media buying. But with years of media buying experience, we also know how to use what we have available now to give you a media plan that will maximize your budget. We research the market, your target audience, and the various platforms to give you the most ROI. Don’t wait for 2022. Call us today.